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Life is a tale, told by an idiot,
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RandomForkDay is a community for me, ejchristian86 to post icons, headers, friends-only banners, mood themes, and more. I will do my best to update at least once a week with something new and exciting. Feel free to ask for requests. I probably won't turn you down.

[+] You must join the community in order to see any of my work. Do so by clicking the "join community" button above.
[+] If you are going to use something, COMMENT on it and tell me what you're taking.
[+] Host the images yourself; do NOT hotlink. Use a host such as ImageShack or PhotoBucket to host your images.
[+] You must credit me in your userinfo for whatever you use.
[+] If you are requesting something, please provide a few links to images you'd like me to use. The more specific you are, the more you are going to like the finished product. You can post requests here.


wicked huge thanks to crackified for the ESOTM and R+J Mood theme and to re_cycled for inspiration, codes, and general awesomeness.